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White, winter hills,
robed pristine in naked splendor, 
covering last year's death,
waiting for spring.

Leafless, lifeless,
contrasting spear-like firs 
with words, reached heavenward, alive.

Blending barren birch 
(old souls with new ones) 
backgrounding broken elms,
with outstretched arms, like empty crosses.

Leafless, lifeless,
contrasting spear-like firs
with words, reached heavenward, alive.

Good things never last. 
Just when you want them to, they'll go away. 
Good thing, I'm here to stay. 
Wake me up when tomorrow meets today. 

Hey Babe, you're the best. 
You're better than all the rest of the girls, 
all the pretty girls I see. 
Just how lucky can a guy be? 

Good things never last, 
but look at us - we've got each other, 
and that's all we need. 
I'll stick around for you Babe, 
if you stick around for me. 

I'll stick around for you Babe, 
if you stick around for me.

One day in early May, on my way to the corner store,

I stepped into a little puddle I hadn't seen before. 

It was dark, cold, and deep. 
I felt lonely and I couldn't speak. 

That little puddle hiding on the road is no joke. 
It pulls you in with its shallow look, but take another look...

It's dark, cold, and deep. 
Just look in and you will see.

There's some pretty flowers spilled across the floor. 
You can hear the wind blow as it whistles past the door. 
It's a faint reminder of a love he had before. 
It was so long ago, now he waits for her no more. 

Slowly, a fire burns, keeping this old house warm. 
Since it's just him and he was eighty-three, he sold the farm. 
It was a young man and his wife who moved in. 
At least he knew that, as his ended, it's their life that would begin. 

The sun comes up over the hill, as the day noises begin. 
The old man sits back in his chair, as he stares across the room. 
A picture of his old love, hung above the mantle piece. 
She smiles at him, as he meets her where she's awaited him.